Mobile Device Management Lite

Keeping track of all your employees’ devices and making sure their business apps are all up to date and working properly requires mobile device management (MDM) services. Many MDM services typically include a suite of enterprise-level functionality that is largely under-utilized by most mid-market companies. That’s why Spectrum provides an MDM Lite alternative designed with only the key features our customers prefer.

MDM Lite utilizes an app on each device to provide enhanced control and security, including:

  • Message device — sends a message to the device with up to 100 characters; message is displayed on the device’s status bar and within the app when the user clicks on the notification
  • Lock device — initiates a command to lock the device immediately
  • Wipe device — executes a command to wipe the device immediately
  • Installed apps — lists all applications installed on the device
  • Last update — shows the time of the last update sent from the device
  • Current network (geo-tracking) — identifies the actual device location based on its default locator (GPS, cell tower triangulation, or Wifi)
  • Operating system — lists the current version of the operating system and the device model
  • Usage — displays usage data since the beginning of the current billing cycle, including: voice, data, text and roaming. Color usage indicators turn yellow when device is nearing plan allowance, red when there is roaming or when usage goes above plan allowance.
  • Top five calls and SMS (Android only) — provides details of the five most frequently called numbers during the current billing cycle

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