Mobile Device Management & Cost Optimization Solutions

Most companies don’t have the time and resources to dedicate to wireless optimization and management. Many suspect they are paying too much and not getting a fair shake from their wireless carriers, but the do not have the expertise. If you suspect your company is paying too much on its wireless spend, chances are good you probably are. Call in the experts in wireless telecom services.  Call in Spectrum, Inc!

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Spectrum, Inc. employs a risk free simple approach to wireless cost optimization and management through the following proven processes and services.

  • Cost optimization — Through inventory benchmarking and rate plan optimization, Spectrum guarantees a minimum percent net savings on your current wireless spend — often, we save you even more. This allows us to take the hassle of managing carrier services off your plate, allowing your internal resources to focus on the business at hand, thus improving your productivity.
  • Managed mobility — In addition to cost optimization services, we help you establish a mobile strategy and define your company’s mobile policies. Using our TrueVue™ technology portal, your employees will have access to device selection/changes, procurement, activation and help with troubleshooting. Your IT staff will no longer have to review inventory, handle billing issues or troubleshoot and employee wireless devices. However, they will be able to see and approve orders, review inventory and provide valuable reporting for executives. Using our helpdesk does all the preparations for you and all you have to do is review, our staff is also ready to assist with friendly, no-hassle service.
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) Lite — To help secure your employees’ devices, we provide visibility to applications, device message/lock/wipe, geo-tracking, usage data since the last billing cycle, and much more.


How much are you overspending on wireless? Find out now.