Recent Customer Savings Report

We're working on a list of client savings reports to share on our blog.  This is the 1st one. The client below is in Consumer Retail and located in the USA.  As you'lll see they were quite happy with us after our engagement.  We were able to save them over $110,000 on their corportate cell service plan.  This is a great example of a client that we can help.  100+ devices on their plan from cell phones to tablets and some hot spots.  We were able to analyse their useage on an ongoing basis and save them money they never realized was being wasted.  The cell phone companies like AT&T and Verizon aren't in the business of helping you use your data and cell minutes more effeciently, Spectrum is!  Through our Wireless Cost Optimization plans we can help your company save on your mobilty plan, maybe like this:)

Customer Industry – Consumer Retail

Customer Geographic Location – Domestic US

Cell Phone Plan Monthly Costs Prior to Spectrum - $35,616

Cell Phone Plan Monthly Costs 1st Month Of Spectrum - $14,784

Cell Phone Plan Monthly Savings Since Spectrum Took Over - $110,000